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Should you have to cancel a lesson, make-up lessons may be scheduled if we are notified at least 24 hours in advance before your scheduled lesson. Otherwise the lesson turns into a forfeit should you not show up to a lesson or give us sufficient notice. In the event your instructor is absent or has to cancel a lesson, at your discretion, our office manager will make every effort to provide you with a make-up lesson on another day or credit a lesson onto the beginning of your next payment. In the event Bongo Boy Music School is closed due to inclement weather conditions, you can check by visiting our website,, the WTHR news website/TV channel, or calling us at 317-595-9065 for a recorded message. Your instructor will notify you of a make-up time and day at your next lesson. There are no make-ups given for any group lesson or class should you miss a week.

Bongo Boy Music School has a TWO MONTH payment policy. Advanced payment reserves the day and time of your lesson/s. Payment for private lessons or group classes is accepted ONLY by a Bongo Boy Music School staff member at the front desk and MUST be made prior to the start of your lesson or class. You can choose to call us and make payment over the phone with a credit/debit card as well. Payment for lessons must be made on your last scheduled lesson and may be made on a bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, unless other payment options are approved by our office manager. A student will remain on the instructors schedule and is responsible for payment of lessons unless we are given the proper two week discontinuing notice. A late fee of $15.00 will be charged for past due amounts or late payments. A fee of $20.00 will be assessed for any NSF check that is returned. If payment is 60 days past due, Bongo Boy Music School reserves the right to send payment to collections.

Bongo Boy Music School requires two weeks notice to discontinue private/group lessons or classes. Should you not give us proper notice of discontinuation, you will be kept on the instructors schedule and will be responsible for payment of those lessons. If you should have remaining credits after discontinuing lessons, you will receive a check via mail for the balance due or should you return, we can hold credits for up to 90 days. Bongo Boy Music School reserves the right to take a student off an instructor’s schedule if payment has not been received. Refunds are not issued for group lessons or classes once they have started. A full refund will be given for a class or group lesson should the student give us a minimum of two weeks notice prior to the start of a class.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own music supplies as needed, on the recommendation of their instructors. Students are required to bring their music and supplies to each lesson as Bongo Boy Music School instructors do not keep extra copies of books in their teaching studios.

8481 Bash St. Suite 1100
Indianapolis, IN 46250
PH: 317-595-9065