Community Drum Circles

Community drum circles are tailored and facilitated for families, couples and single dude & dudettes.  We encourage adults with drumming experience to keep the groove alive while providing opportunities for families to play together in a fun, safe and creative way. Experienced drummers are always welcome!! Drums will be provided by Bongo Boy Music School and REMO but feel free to bring your own.

Bongo Boy Music is dedicated to providing a safe and fun atmosphere to experience rhythm, music and movement. Welcoming people from all walks of life, all ages, and with or without a musical background, our facilitators provide people with opportunities to make music and share rhythm & creative expression together in a friendly, non-challenging environment. Community Drum Circles are a place where all people, regardless of age, culture or gender, can explore rhythm and play music for pure enjoyment. The purpose of our programs and classes centers on fun, connection, discovery and well being. Most programs do not require practice or training.  

We have facilitated drum circle events for countless schools and corporations across the midwest, along with organizations such as PASIC, Music For All, DCI, WGI, Allstate TedEx, Camp Healing Tree, Jamison Camp, Overdose Awareness, Indiana Donor Network and many others. 

About Recreational Music

Recreational Music-Making encompasses music based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender, challenges or prior experience.  From exercise, nurturing, social support, bonding and spirituality, to intellectual stimulation, heightened understanding and enhanced capacity to cope with life’s, the benefits of Recreational Music-Making extend far beyond music.  Recreational Music-Making ultimately affords unparalleled creative expression that unites our bodies, minds and spirits.

Bongo Boy Music provides programs on location.  We have exciting and creative programs for schools, home school groups, 501c-3 organizations, conferences and corporations. We can come to you for birthday parties and retreats. 

WE WALK OUR TALK!! Bongo Boy Music School RMC (Pre-Covid) Video.  As we no longer have the Recreational Music Center due to Covid-19, we are still able to provide all of the services out in the field of groove!!

8481 Bash St. Suite 1100
Indianapolis, IN 46250
PH: 317-595-9065