Bongo Boy Music School


$25.00 per 30 minute lesson or $50.00 per 60 minute lesson. We have a 2 Month Payment Policy for all private lessons (all lessons are customized to meet each individual students needs). If you cannot afford to pay for the two month pay period, we will put together a payment plan that works best for you as long as the student and/or parents are willing to strictly abide by our two month payment policy.

Bongo Boy Music School DOES NOT have a one time registration fee for students.

Music Production, Songwriting and Recording Software Instruction are scheduled in 60 minute increments only and run $50.00 per 60 minute private lesson.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD A POLICY/REGISTRATION FORM FOR ALL LESSONS AND CLASSES HERE. All registration forms can be mailed in or faxed in at 317-595-9067

If you can think of a reason why you don’t need lessons, we can think of a better reason why you do!!  Everyone needs a little touch up now and then, a few pointers to get them out of that “rut”. We are here to help enhance what you do or don’t already know.  To help smooth out all of the rough edges and help clean out all of the nooks and crannies in your playing.  Call us today to schedule a free trial lesson with one of our pro instructors and see what you’ve been missing out on (317-595-9065).


Drums & Percussion:

Ed Gaus
Drums & Percussion

Shaan France
Drums & Percussion Instructor

Professor Johnny Lee Lane
Advanced Percussion Student Instructor

Ben Phelps
Drums & Percussion Instructor

Lisa M Kincaide
Drums & Percussion
Adaptive Music Lesson Instructor


Bryan Headrick
Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar, Ukulele Instructor

Bass Guitar:

Bryan Headrick
Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar Instructor

Violin, Viola & Cello:

Beth Yates
Violin & Viola Instructor


Ashton Kleemann
Piano & Keyboard Instructor


Ingrid Rodriguez
Vocal Instructor

Woodwind & Brass:

Darrel Clark
Clarinet & Saxophone Instructor

Recording Software, Songwriting
& Music Production:

Ed Gaus
Recording & Music Production Instructor

Recreational Music Center (RMC):

Lisa Colleen
Director - Recreational Music Center



My daughters have learned so much in the short time they have been taking lessons. Ed (drums) and Bryan (guitar) are fantastic and the schedule/billing/general organization of the school is top notch. Plus, the drum circle is a blast! I would highly recommend bongo boy! - Christel P

My son has been going there for drum lessons. The people there are very nice and friendly. The best music school in INDY! - Henry C

WALKER COUNTY'S , Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn went to Bongo boy every week for a couple of years! We can't say enough WONDERFUL things about this school ! The whole staff was wonderful, they were so patient, kind, positive and always had smiles on their faces! What a wonderful place to go and learn about music! Walker County gives Bongo boy 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ stars - Bill & Janis W

What positive energy at Bongo Boy! Every visit is 5 stars! -Diane T

My granddaughter started playing Violin this year. Very surprised at recital how much she learned so fast. All kids did excellent. - Patricia W