Bongo Boy Music School

Meet Our Instructors, Facilitators & Coaches

What makes a great instructor is their ability to relate to each student.  To motivate and inspire, mentor, to help each student learn what they need to know based on what that student wants to learn and what the instructor believes they need to be taught to reach their musical goals. 

So what is our bottom line when we hire an instructor? We do not hire instructors based on whether or not they have a degree in music. We hire an instructor because we believe in their ability to teach, inspire and pass their knowledge onto each and every student that walks through our doors. We love to see students walk away from each and every lesson excited and inspired to want to practice and come back week after week because they feel the passion and soul of what Bongo Boy Music School and its instructors are about and what we represent.


Drums & Percussion:

Ed Gaus
Drums & Percussion

Shaan France
Drums & Percussion Instructor

Professor Johnny Lee Lane
Advanced Percussion Student Instructor

Adam Hoffman
Drums & Percussion Instructor



Bryan Headrick
Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar Instructor

Mikial Robertson
Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Songwriting

Violin, Viola & Cello:

Beth Yates
Violin & Viola Instructor

Bass Guitar:



Kay Amara
Vocal Instructor

Alicia Hamaker
Vocal Instructor


Tiantian Liang
Piano & Keyboard Instructor

Ashton Kleemann
Piano & Keyboard Instructor

Woodwind & Brass:

Darrel Clark
Clarinet & Saxophone Instructor

Recording Software, Songwriting
& Music Production:

Ed Gaus
Recording & Music Production Instructor

Mikial Robertson
Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Songwriting


LC Coaching, Homeschool Music Classes, Kids Rhythm Club, Birthday Parties, Rhythmic Alchemy & Healthy Rhythms, Adaptive Music Lessons, Music Together:

Lisa Colleen
Director - Recreational Music Center



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