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Phil Powers

Drum & Percussion Instructor

Teaching Hours:
• Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

About Phil

Phillip Powers is a drummer/percussionist and multi-instrumentalist from Indianapolis, IN.   Starting out on piano at the age of 8, then focusing on guitar starting at age 13, Phillip has made music a life-long passion.  With an appreciation for all musical instruments and all musical styles, Phillip finally found his greatest passion in percussion and drums during middle-school/high-school.  Being heavily involved in the Symphonic, Jazz Band and Marching Band programs as well as various percussion ensembles at Ben Davis High School is where Phillip first realized his goal in life to focus in this area, to have continuous growth and to share through teaching. 

Phillip has been teaching professionally since 2000, fresh out of high school.  Starting out as a private instructor in Brownsburg and Greenwood, continuing on w/ teaching drumline at Brownsburg High School, Cathedral High School, Speedway Jr. High as well as hosting various master classes at other schools from Elementary to High School, in addition to teaching any chance that he could at various other locations schools, houses, etc.  Phillip is very proud to finally call Bongo Boy Music School his home-base as a teacher.

In a continuous effort to keep learning and growing to share with musicians that he is so fortunate to perform and record with, as well as the students that come to him at Bongo Boy, Phillip has studied and continues to study every chance he can from many great instructors, even with an open-mind to learn from the students as well at times.  Phillip has studied with,  to name just a few of a very long list: Steve Posan and Dave Herrick (rudimental percussion, world-percussion and mallet experts), Joe Scagnoli , Gary Rudolph, Jeff Queen (former DCI World Snare Drum Champion),  Kenny Aronoff (studio legend, John Mellencamp), Dane Clark (John Mellencamp, Steve Earle, Ray Boltz), Ed Greene (Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates, many others, studio legend), Chester Thompson (Genesis, Frank Zappa), Craig Hetrick (Mallet Percussionist for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra), Charlie Adams (Yanni), Adam White and many others.  Continued growth and an open-mind as well as a focus on "concepts'' instead of "examples" are a large priority in Phillip's approach to teaching.  "You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

With an appreciation for all styles of music and all instruments, Phillip performs about 250 gigs per year, a staple of his teaching approach as well for approximately the last 13 years.  Everything from cover-band gigs, to original music gigs, churches, weddings/corporate gigs; whether it be on drums (mostly) or also often on guitar, bass or piano, the wholistic approach and how everything works together is also a major part of his teaching philosophy.  Phillip is also very actively involved in all aspects of the recording community.  From playing drums on a myriad of local sessions, to having a home studio set-up to record nationally via the internet for the past several years, to engineering/producing and playing other instruments, Phillip has recorded and worked on many projects in all of the major studios in Indiana ranging from the simplicity of local projects to TV/Radio Jingles, to songs that have ended up in movies and on records w/ some major national artists. "




Phil Powers






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