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Lisa Colleen

Lisa Colleen
Director:  Bongo Boy Recreational Music & Wellness Center
Owner: LC Coaching, LLC  DBA Rhythmic Alchemy


About Lisa

Lisa Colleen is a Certified Life Coach, Remo Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator, Rhythm and Movement Program Creator &Director and Personal Growth Workshop Facilitator/Speaker.

Lisa’s interest and love of drumming started in 1995 while attending a Soltura Personal Growth Workshop.  It was through the workshop that she was introduced to the power of rhythm and experienced how drumming can touch and help bring wellness to the souls of people in need.  She joined the facilitation staff at Soltura and began attending the Community Drum Circles at Bongo Boy Music School.  As her passion for drumming grew so did her interest in facilitating drum circles.  She attended Arthur Hull’s Basic Facilitator Training Workshop in 2009 and has been facilitating drum circles for 6 years. She is certified in Health RHYTHMS Basic Training and Adolescent Protocols. In 2015 she became a Remo-Endorsed Facilitator.  Along her rhythmic journey she has attended several other facilitator trainings and workshops. 

A  “P.E. Teacher Gone Groove”, her experience in leading, teaching, training, facilitating, coaching, and mentoring people is diverse.  From preschoolers to senior high school students, ministry to corporate, and at-risk youth to those with life threatening illnesses, her passion remains the same: “To help people experience personal freedom, clarity, connection, balance and inner joy though rhythm, music and movement.” She currently serves as the Director of Bongo Boy Recreational Music Center where she facilitates drum circles for people of all ages and abilities. She also develops and facilitates rhythm and movement programs for libraries, preschools, after school programs, at risk youth, support groups and summer camps.  She in the process of creating and bringing wellness programs and workshops that will include drumming and movement (yoga, dance and meditation) to the RMC.





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