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About Bongo Boy Music SCHOOL

Bongo Boy Music School is a private music school located in the Castleton area of Indianapolis started in 2003. Our goal is to provide the best music instruction in the city of Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Here you will find a safe, professional and creative atmosphere to enhance your musical abilities and establish a solid musical foundation. Our instructors are seasoned live, touring, studio and schooled musicians who have years of experience teaching students of all ages, all styles of music and all levels of ability on most instruments including voice, recording and songwriting.

Scheduling and payments are handled by our office manager, allowing each instructor to dedicate the entire lesson by focusing on crafting specialized lesson plans based on their students’ needs and abilities.

We also offer professional solo & ensemble preparation as well as college audition preparation (including the ability to record "live" video auditions). Students at Bongo Boy Music School have gone onto music schools such as Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, University of North Texas, Berklee School of Music and many others. Whether students take lessons purely for recreational purposes or focusing on a career in music, Bongo Boy Music School instructors will provide you with the necessary tools needed to reach your musical goals.

If you can think of a reason why you don’t need lessons, we can think of a better reason why you do!!  Everyone needs a little touch up now and then, a few pointers to get them out of that “rut”. We are here to help enhance what you do or don’t already know.  To help smooth out all of the rough edges and help clean out all of the nooks and crannies in your playing.  Call us today to schedule a free trial lesson with one of our pro instructors and see what you’ve been missing out on.


What students, parents and faculty are saying about Bongo Boy Music School:

Dave DiCenso - Berklee School of Music Instructor, Clinician, Performing Artist

Bongo Boy Music School is an absolute gem. It's got a great vibe - professional but relaxed - and aesthetic. You can study so many different things under one roof! There should be a BBMS in every town across America! Lastly, the people are fantastic, and I look forward to my next visit.

Professor Johnny Lee Lane - Director of Education, REMO, Inc.

"It's all about the groove"

ICMEA (Illinois Chapter)

Dear Ed,
Thank you so much for coming to the University of Illinois to give your presentation on drum circles. This evening has certainly been one of our most enjoyable and informative events! Thank you for your time, energy and first rate clinic!

Louis (Music Crossroads, Indianapolis)

Dear Ed and Brian,
Thank you for helping to get our focus group started our on the right "Beat" last weekend! It was so much fun having you guys there and a great way to get everyone together.
Our discussion time was very productive -- no doubt due to the drum circle getting everyone into the right frame of mind. We are excited to begin to use that input to build a foundation for scholastic arts booster groups.
I've held onto your flyers and am "sowing" them here and there as I have opportunity. I think I may have recruited one Noblesville family for your drum circle already!

Thanks again for your help!
Best Wishes,
Louis C (Music Crossroads)

Karla Becker (Student)

Hi Ana and Ed,

I have been meaning to email you guys to let you know how much I enjoyed the chord progression class with John Frye last month. John is extremely knowledgeable and smart. I felt really lucky to have him to myself so that I could grill him each time with my questions...LOL!

Seriously, he was very patient with me and really knows his stuff. He made me laugh all the time because he's got this incredibly dry wit that made learning about the progressions even more fun. I learned a lot and feel that I can apply my new knowledge to writing songs and playing guitar.

So, just wanted to give you some feedback since I really enjoyed his class.

Thanks a bunch!
Karla Becker

Sandi Tavel (Student and Parent)

"This place is totally dedicated to learning. Ed really becomes interested in what his students are doing. He's upbeat and funny. I can't say anything bad...I would love to see his business grow".

Beth Doctor (Bands of America, Music for All)

"Thank you so much for providing such an awesome experience for our delegates during Summit II. Our students gave me RAVE reviews!! The Drum Circle was such an excellent bonding experience and example of community building. I look forward to our organizations collaborating!!"


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Ed Gaus & Gregg Bissonette

Here's what industry professionals have to say about Bongo Boy Music School:

Brock Kaericher
President, REMO®, Inc.

"Remo, Inc. is excited and pleased with our association with Bongo Boy Music. Bongo Boy’s wonderful efforts to foster the use of Recreational Music Making as a part of an individual’s wellness and happiness certainly fits with the ongoing worldwide activities of Remo, Inc. Programs such as those being made available by Bongo Boy Music can only help to further the connection of making music and enhancing one’s quality of life".

ZOROZORO - The Minister of Groove, Lenny Kravitz and countless others
"BONGO BOY MUSIC IS THE SCHOOL YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!! The reason so few drummers ever reach their potential is because so few invest in their education. For a drummer, education begins and ends with private lessons. I highly recommend Bongo Boy Music School to anyone who wants to improve.

They are passionate about what they do and have years of wisdom and experience to impart to their students. Rarely have I seen a school with such genuine interest in the success of their students. Bongo Boy Music School has heart and soul and is a class act all the way and it's an honor to be associated with them.

Remember, a lack of knowledge is what keeps most people from success. Don't let that happen to you. If you want to further your drumming talent and career, study at Bongo Boy Music School today!!"

John Blackwell Jr.John Blackwell Jr. - Prince, Justin Timberlake, Cameo, Patti LaBelle
"Bongo Boy Music School is a great place of education and experience in the world of drumming. Anybody interested in taking lessons as a beginner or pro, trying to take their drumming to the next level, Bongo Boy Music School is where they belong!!"

Kenny AronoffKenny Aronoff - Melissa Ethridge, John Fogerty and many others
"I am so impressed with what Ed Gaus has done with Bongo Boy Music. Amazing facility for teaching and master classes. Bongo Boy Music also offers the most up to date instruction for drum set, percussion, making loops and other areas of electronics. I have enjoyed doing master classes and private teaching at Bongo Boy Music. I wish I had time to do more :) "

Paul WerticoPaul Wertico - Solo Artist, Pat Metheny Group, Grammy Award Winner
"Bongo Boy Music is one of the reasons that Indianapolis is becoming an important center for drum and percussion activity in the U.S."

Gregg BissonetteGregg Bissonette - LA studio and touring drummer
"I had a fantastic time doing a clinic at Bongo Boy Music!! What a FANTASTIC school !! It is really first class and I would recommend it to any serious student. The facility is wonderful and so are the teachers!!".