Bongo Boy Music School


**Due to COVID 19, all senior programs are cancelled through December 2020** 
If you are interested in a creative and fun rhythmic Zoom event or outdoor event contact Lisa Colleen at or 317-771-0241.

Group Drumming for Social, Emotional and Physical Well Being
The benefits of Recreational Music Making and Drumming directly affect the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of individuals of all ages. Group empowerment drumming for seniors often decreases anxiety, stress and depression, and helps to improve joint mobility, posture, and large & small motor skills.  Drum Circles help increase energy levels, encourage creative expression, improve immunity and spread joy while building community. 

Drum Circles are a great activity for:
Senior Living Communities
Adult Day Care Programs
Retirement Communities
Health Care Facilities (Alzheimer’s and Dementia)

Golden Groove
Seniors Wellness Drumming Program
: (10-24 Participants)
30 Minutes
24 Drums
Miscellaneous Rhythm and Music Instruments

For Scheduling and Pricing please Contact:
Lisa Colleen

PHONE: 317-771-0241






























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