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Mind and Body Wellness through Drumming, Movement and Music

Lisa Colleen -
Certified Life Coach, Certified Drum Circle Facilitator, Trained HealthRHYTHMS® Facilitator, Trained Rhythm 2 Recovery® Facilitator

Lisa Colleen brings the joy of music, rhythm, movement, exercise and drumming into her practice.  Coaching from her passion to help people move forward out of destructive fear-based behaviors and relationships, she stands beside every client introducing creative tools that can help relieve stress and restore peace of mind with renewed clarity.  Using lessons from her life experiences along with her background in teaching, ministry, parenting, personal growth workshop facilitation and drum circle facilitation, she encourages clients to discover their personal groove and move to the pace of their own rhythm.  She is the owner of LC Coaching, LLC and is in partnership with Bongo Boy Music, Inc.

Lisa Colleen
PHONE: 317-771-0241


























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