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Field Trips


Bongo Boy can host a number of different groups for a field trip experience.  Most field trips are one hour in length with 45 minutes dedicated to facilitated rhythm activities. The cost is $5/person for groups of 30 or more.  If the group is less than 30 people there is a minimum fee of $150/hour.  We can tailor your field trip to your specific needs.  Preschools often focus on rhythm and movement while elementary age and up focus on rhythm activities through drum circles.

Playgroup Field Trips (45 Minutes: Ages 18 months – 5 years)
Our Facilitated Playgroup Field Trips are specifically tailored to each group. The program is full of exciting rhythm activities using drums, percussion, music and movement props. 

Preschool Field Trips (45 Minutes-Ages 3 to 6)
This facilitated program is 45 minutes of exciting rhythm activities using drums, percussion, music and movement props.  We can accommodate up to 25 students plus chaperones. Chaperones are free and encouraged to participate. The fee is $150.

Rhythm Playhouse (In-School Pre-School Field Trip ) Ages 3 to 6 
Rhythm Playhouse  is a creative, exciting program that comes to your preschool.  It provides kids with lots of activities to move and groove to rhythm and music. Each program is age appropriate, 30 minutes in length* and tailored for 20 students per session.  The Rhythm Playhouse Program consists of 20 hand drums, percussion, music, and movement props. Each program ends with a Drum Circle Experience! The fee is $150 and includes up to two (2) sessions.  Additional sessions are $25/session.

Shake, Rattle & Roll (In-School Pre-School Field Trip ) Ages 12-36 months.  
In this interactive program, babies enjoy a variety of music, action songs, and movements that stimulate natural responses to music. Age appropriate instruments such as maracas, bells, hand drums and gathering drums are used, as well as colorful scarves for visual tracking and movement. Babies love to hold their instruments and respond to the music. They naturally shake or pat objects, and the instruments allow them an opportunity to make music while doing so. The program’s core intention is to use rhythm, music and movement to create a caring, connected rhythmic community. Classes are 20 minutes and require the participation of the caregivers/teachers.  The fee is $150 for up to 3 sessions.  Each additional session is $25. 

Elementary – High School, Including Life Skills
Bongo Boy Music School is a great facility to house Rhythm Workshops or celebrate rhythm through Drum Circles. We can accommodate up to 80 students at one time.  Rhythm Workshops or Drum Circles are 45 minutes of facilitated rhythm activities. Students are welcome to tour Bongo Boy Music School and check out the singer/songwriting/music production studio upon request.

Bongo Boy Music School is a great gathering spot for senior groups.  Whether it is an outing from Senior Living Communities, or just a group wanting to gather for a fun day out, Bongo Boy enjoys jamming with Seniors!  Fees for this event are $5/person with a base fee of $100.  Minimum number of participants is 10 and the length of time for the event is 30-45 minutes. (group makes the decision)

Contact Lisa at or call Lisa at 317-771-0241 for scheduling and more information.




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Some schools we have worked with include:

• Abraham Lincoln Elementary
• Clinton Young Elementary
• Douglas MacArthur Elementary
• Glenns Valley Elementary
• Henry Burkhart Elementary
• Homecroft Elementary
• Jeremiah Gray Elementary
• Mary Bryan Elementary
• Rosa Parks Elementary
• Southport Elementary
• Winchester Village Elementary
• Bunker Hill Elementary
• Wanamaker Elementary
• Indianapolis Metropolitan High School
• Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troops
• Christamore House Indianapolis
• Park Tudor School
• The Renaissance School
• Redkey Elementary School
• Harney Elementary School
• Our Lady Of Greenwood Catholic School
• New Britton Elementary School
• Sugar Creek Elementary School
• Westview Elementary School
• Oak Trace Elementary School
• Wea Ridge Middle School
• Pleasant View Elementary School
• Aspen Elementary School (Vernon Hills, IL)
• Elementary North (Vernon Hills, IL)
• Fishers Elementary School
• Geist Elementary School
• Fall Creek Elementary School
• Options Chart High School
• Cherry Tree Elementary School
• Carmel Elementary School
• Washington Woods Elementary School
• Sunny Heights Elementary School
• Saint Matthews Catholics School
• Saint Lukes Catholic School
• Prairie Trace Elementary School